Flat File Lighter & 5 Renewal Flints

Model Number: 1521
Price: Discontinued
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The SHURLITE #1521 is a low cost alternative to competitive products. Designed originally to meet the needs of the propane and laboratory gas market, the #1521 is perfectly capable of lighting welding gases as well. Although the lifespan of this product is not as long as our round file and three flint lighters, the Flat File Lighter features SHURLITE quality, and is guaranteed to spark vigorously and reliably. This is the ideal lighter for plumbers, occasional welders and hobbyists, and is the lighter most used in the laboratory as well.

The #1521’s flint tip may be easily replaced with one of our Universal Single Flint Renewals (5 Renewal Flints are Included.) The #1521 features a flat file made with our secret SHURLITE process, a round cup for trapping flammable gases for easy ignition, and a wire frame made from a specialty steel which retains it’s springiness over the life of the lighter.

Every single #1521 lighter is made in America by proud American workers, and every lighter is tested by a human being prior to shipment for guaranteed quality.