G. C. Fuller Mfg. Co. was founded in 1917 by Gains Conant Fuller. In 1919, Mr. Fuller sold the business to Harry Haneberg, and it has been a family run business since. In 1938 Harry passed and was succeeded by his son Ray Haneberg. During WWII Ray was called to service and his brother Dick stepped in to run the business in his absence. Upon Ray’s return the two brothers ran the business as equal partners. Thanks to Dick’s innovative engineering abilities and Ray’s financial savvy these brothers built the business into a strong successful entity.

In 1958 Dick and Ray moved the business from a 3,000 square foot facility on Central Avenue in Cincinnati to a 12,000 square foot building located on Crookshank Road. G. C. Fuller incorporated in 1963. In 1986 Ray and Dick sold the business to their sons Paul and Rick. Ray passed away in 1992, while Dick continued to work on special projects into his early 90’s. Dick passed in the early months of 2015.

August of 1997 Paul and Rick moved out of Cincinnati into a new 32,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Lawrenceburg Indiana.  Paul suffered a massive stroke in March of 2006, from which he was partially paralyzed and unable to resume his duties at G. C. Fuller. This left Rick as sole owner until October when he began to step down and sell the business to his nephew Roman Welter and son Robert.

Our People

A truly successful company is only as good as its employees, and at G. C. Fuller we have the best employees around.  They are the ones that, every day, ensure that you are going to get the best product on the market and we feel that it is only fair to recognize them for all they do and have done.

Rick Haneberg Former Owner Started in 1969
Tom Welter Sales Manager Started in 1970
Dan Bradford Production Manager Started in 1985
Roman Welter Vice-President and Co-Owner Started in 1994
Sandy LaClair Office Manager Started in 1994
Jeff Ramey Started in 1998
Robert Haneberg President and Co-Owner Started in 1999
Chris Jaworski Started in 2003
Roger Angelo Started in 2004
Zach Welter Started in 2006
Lynda Hill Started in 2007
Ray Haneberg Started in 2014
Tom Allen Started in 2014
Bryan Jones Started in 2014


A special thanks goes out to our long time retirees!

Roger Haneberg 55 years of service
Lou Poettker 48 years of service
Dick Fisher 45 years of service
James Holtgrefe 40 years of service
Dianne Bradford 27 years of service
Paul Haneberg Former owner 20 years of service


We would also like to thank our long term employees that moved on to bigger and better things!

Steve Kistner 27 years of service
Lois Riley 19 years of service

Our Philosophy

G. C. Fuller’s company philosophy is about one thing; Customer Satisfaction, where customer satisfaction in our corporate culture derives from these equally important goals:

QUALITY – Every individual lighter is tested, not just a sample. We use the best materials available. Quality is the job of every employee and every employee is trained to be a quality inspector. This makes our products are the best of their kind manufactured anywhere in the world!

COST – Our products have the lowest cost per use when compared to our competitors. They may have a higher purchase price, however, their longevity and our product guarantee will save you both time and money.

DELIVERY – Fast turnaround is the norm at G. C. Fuller with Over 90% of all orders being shipped within 24 hours of receipt.